We often have customers come into HOST who have visual impairments. We always do everything that we can in order to accommodate their needs whether it be increasing the font size and colour on menus or by spending time with a customer talking through our offerings. This level of service comes as standard and is delivered on a regular basis.

HOST will arrange access to all customers, regardless of any impairment or disability. The level of assistance will vary according to the needs of the customer.

HOST is committed to ensuring that everyone's dining experience is a special occasion and customers with disabilities are treated with particular consideration. We have stepped access to the front via Hope Street where our friendly staff are always on call to assist. We also have an easy access to Falkner Street for customers using wheelchairs or who require level access into the restaurant

As a company, 60 Hope Street Limited is committed to making reasonable adjustments to the operation of the restaurant to accommodate customers with disabilities. Assistance into the building is always available, and can vary from a comforting arm to hold on to, through to an occupied wheelchair lifted into the main entrance.